Carol is a Realtor® who specializes in helping those in distressed properties. Her heart for helping and her skill in the market has proven valuable to her and her insights echo what many practitioners are saying.


Greg is a Realtor® from northern Nevada where the media spotlight on foreclosures is not as bright.

But his stories of working with sellers in short sales highlight just how real the crisis is all over the state.


Denise is a Realtor® in Reno and she deals with differing expectations between Las Vegas and Reno real estate markets everyday.


Jared, a loan officer in Las Vegas, now hosts a regular radio show discussing the housing crisis and attempting to help as many as he can. He and his family personally experienced default. Listen to Jared describe his story.


Maria and her husband built and lived in their Las Vegas home for 8 years before falling behind on their mortgage and being forced to resort to a short sale.


Mark is a successful mortgage broker who has weathered much of the foreclosure storm. But the personal stories have greatly affected him.


Rick is spearheading an ambitious mortgage program for those seeking a second chance in the Nevada market.

After years in the business, he bowed out just as the crisis hit but recently re-opened with the goal of helping those who have experienced default and foreclosure to find loans again.

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The Faces of Foreclosure in Nevada are many. Their stories are varied. Both those directly affected and those working in the industry express a wide array of emotions and opinions regarding who’s to blame, the role of government, strategic default and the best way forward. But one thing is clear – they’re not giving up.